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My wife of 56 years and I moved to Providence, Rhode Island eighteen years ago to be near family. This after sixty years of living in Minnesota - it’s been quite an adventure!!  


Since then, I have been engaged in an encore career as an oil painter and am amazed and humbled by the positive reception my work has received.     


My previous professional life consisted of many years spent in a variety of creative director positions within the toy and premium industries. Although it was a rewarding career, I felt painting was what I was always destined to do. I’m extremely lucky to have the opportunity now.


It has been said that if you can’t tell what your work is about in 30 seconds, you’re lying. The truth is, I have no profound statement to share with the world - even for 30 seconds. I just love what I’m doing. Robert Henri stated something to the effect that a painter paints because he can’t do anything else and right now, that pretty much sums me up.  


That said, my approach to a painting may be of interest. I work strictly from my imagination and memory - figures and all. My paintings are based on stories which I make up. Yes - my paintings are pure fantasy - the situations, characters and environments. I love creating little narratives and treating my canvases as stage sets where I can place the ”actors”. To the dismay of some, I never reveal my story. I leave it to the viewer to try to figure it out or offer their own interpretation. It’s always fascinating to hear the varied responses.      


I no longer enter shows and have opted out of membership in organizations. Time is not on my side and I prefer to devote the balance of things to what I feel is most important - namely family and painting. Working solo in a studio for hours each day without distraction is the most comfortable place for an introvert like me. 


Past memberships include being a juried artist member of the Copley Society of Art (Boston), the Providence Art Club, the Art League of Rhode Island ( Providence) and the Salmagundi Club (New York). 


Currently, I am a Fellow of the Fine Art Work Center in Provincetown, MA where we visit a couple times each year as well as travels to Monhegan Island and various international destinations.


I’m always happy to respond to any inquiries you may have - just click on the contact button.


Thanks for your time - be well and carry on.

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